Final Year Aeronautical Engineering Projects For Students

Aeronautical Engineering Project Ideas For Third/Final Year 

Bird deflector system for jet engines - a CFD analysis
Balloon Satellite Project
Bird deflector system for jet engines - a CFD analysis
Conceptual design for 4-seat G.A. airplane (single engine)
Control system design for a VTOL UAV
DreamWings Valkyrie - Control system design
DC-8 MCoRDS Antenna Assembly
Design evaluation of the Hensley Wolf twin propeller pusher 4-seater
Design and wind tunnel testing (wind measuring device)
Design of a scaled Supermarine Spitfire
Design of a VTOL UAV for Freewing
Design review for an LSA
D-Star Engineering Design review
Design review for Finite Engineering
Design review for the Nexaer LS1
Design review for Trolltune Corporation
Final Year Aeronautical Engineering Projects For Students
Final Year Aeronautical Engineering Projects For Students
Design review on a UAV
Air Tractor (single, twin and three engine airplanes) - Design studies
VisionAire Vantage business jet - Design verification, stability, control analysis
Air Tractor (single engine airplane) - Design verification
Family of small airplanes - Design verification and analysis of their performance
Air Tractor (twin engine airplane) - Design verification
Design verification of a UAV concept.
Design verification of several fire-fighting airplanes for Air Tractor.
Safire Aircraft (small business jet) - Design verification, aerodynamic, stability and control support
ATP turboprop powered Vans RV-6A (Rivers Aeronautical) - Firewall forward design
High Altitude Student Payload
Horizontal tail analysis (2-seat amphibious airplane)
Milner Air Car - Initial structural analysis
Forward maneuver area air-delivery systems - Investigation
Liaoning Ante Steel Structure Group Vertical Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic and Structural Design and Analysis
Micro Gravity
Fairchild Aircraft (commuter aircraft) - Modification of the horizontal tail
Kit airplane (two person) - New design
Kit airplane (DreamWings) - New design, stability and control analysis
P-3B Radar Integration
Kelly Space and Technology Second Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle - Preliminary design and analysis
Preliminary design of a 4-seat business jet
Preliminary design of a 4-seat G.A. Airplane.
Preliminary design of a family of 4-6 seat twin-engine jets
Preliminary design of a jet powered UAV concept
Preliminary design of a personal air vehicle (vertical take-off)
Preliminary design of a roadable aircraft for Aero car
Preliminary Design of a small freighter/passenger airplane for NEXUS
Preliminary design of a Sport Pilot class airplane for Composicraft
Preliminary design of a supersonic business jet for OrthoAir
Preliminary design of a transonic business jet.
Preliminary design of a twin pusher G.A. airplane
Preliminary design of a two-seat single engine jet-trainer
Preliminary design of the Milner Air Car
Preliminary design verification of a 4-seat G.A. airplane.
Preliminary sizing of a small business twin-engine jet for Safire
Propeller/Rotor design for Free wing Flight Technologies
RC Planes Aerodynamic design and wind tunnel testing (flying toy)
Samson Motor works Switchblade - Preliminary Design Analysis
Samson Motor works Switchblade - wing mechanism Design
Small business jet - design of Speed brake
Student space system fabrication lab
NASA DC-8 Antenna Assembly Aerodynamic - Structural Design and Analysis
NASA P-3B Antenna Assembly - Design, Simulation (Aerodynamic and Structural), Fabrication and Installation
6 passenger propeller airplane - new design, verification, analysis (vertical tail sizing and 
Wind tunnel test management for Safire Aircraft wing sizing)
VTOL Propulsion ground test

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