New Seminar topics For Biomedical Engineering Students

New Seminar topics For Biomedical Engineering Stud

  • Noninvasive Brain-Actuated Control
  • Mobile Robot by Human EEG
  • Perfusion functional MRI reveals cerebral
  • blood flow pattern under psychological stress
  • A Wireless-Implantable Microsystem for
  • Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Study of Interaction of Pacemaker
  • Electrode with High Frequency RF Fields
  • Reference signal extraction from corruptd
  • ECG using wavelet decomposition forMRI
  • sequence triggering: application to small animals
  • Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for Medical Defense
  • Eddy Currents based flexible sensor for Contactless measurement of breathing

New Seminar topics For Biomedical Engineering Students
New Seminar topics For Biomedical Engineering Students
  • An ultra-low-power image compressor for capsule endoscope
  • Potential Brain Imaging using
  • Near Field Radiometry
  • Two-channel data logger for quantitative
  • EEG recording while driving
  • STARFAST: a Wireless Wearable EEG
  • ECG Biometric System based on the ENOBIO Sensor
  • Vision-based intelligent vehicles:
  • State of the art and perspectives
  • An introduction to Neural networks used
  • in control systems
  • Wireless power tansfer system for implanted and worn devices
  • Safety of Computer Control Systems:
  • Challenges and results in software development
  • Power Management Strategy for a Parallel Hybrid
  • Electric Truck
  • A fuzzy logic controller for synchronous machine
  • Biologically inspired Controller for
  • Swarms in dynamic environments
  • Smart Antennas for Mobile Communications
  • Intelligent Control of Dynamic Target
  • Tracking of a Car-Like Wheeled Robot in a Sensor-Network Environment
  • Control of a 5DOF Magnetically
  • Levitated Positioning Stage
  • A Neural Non-linear Predictive
  • Control for PEM-FC
  • An EMG-based force control system for prosthetic arm
  • Active Steering for Better Safety,
  • Handling and Comfort
  • Tactile interfaces for small touch screen
  • Recurrent Inversion of Visual Orientation in the Walking Fly
  • Design aspects of a Bluetooth controlled universal power plug
  • Seminar stands cancelled
  • The Heidelberg tactile vision substitution system Image-guided surgery and medical robotics in the cranial area

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