HETEROGENOUS-channel routing protocol for active WSN-CS Networking Projects

HETEROGENOUS-channel routing protocol for active WSN-CS Networking Projects 

Effective strategies are required to ensure efficient data collection for wireless sensor networks deployed in harsh environment, and where propagation conditions are unstable.,layer protocol to realize its vast potential.
To focuses on integrating network coding with a reliable multi-path transport layer protocol to resolve the receiver buffer blocking problem.
Our state-of-the-art network coding scheme uses a combination of Q-learning and logistic regression for rare data events to control the number of redundant packets based on the network dynamics.
NS2 simulation results show that our protocol is adapting well to change in the topology and maintains almost similar traffic  flows as in stable conditions of functioning.

HETEROGENOUS-channel routing protocol for active WSN
HETEROGENOUS-channel routing protocol for active WSN
A scheduled based routing protocol that use both topological and link quality information to adapt to environment changes.
A multi-channel routing protocol based on the quality of the sink paths that are evaluated dynamically every cycle.

Allows slow data gathering at the sink .
Collisions will occur.
Energy is wasted.
Cannot detect the change in the topology.

To better manage the energy consumption using Routing Protocol (OLSR) .
To explore  both modification to MPR(MULTI POINT RELAYS) selection and integrating appropriate routing metrics in the routing decision scheme. 
To demonstrate an effective and efficient energy-aware the proactive MANET routing protocol OLSR.
To integrating appropriate routing metrics in the routing decision scheme to reduce effects of reason that lead to more energy consumption.

The capacity of multi-hop wireless network is improved.
Allows fast data gathering at the sink.
The capacity of multi hop wireless networks is increased. 
This  protocol is using a duty cycling technique to save energy.
Throughput is improved.

Tools:Network Simulator-2
                    Front end:TCL(Tool Command Language)
                    Back end:C++

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