Internet Marketing Project Report Download For MBA-BBA Students

Internet Marketing Project Report Download For MBA-BBA Students

At the beginning of the century, social life was mostly local. It was followed by a period in which commodities were produced on a mass scale. Consumer Marketing operated on mass marketing principles and business primarily concerned itself with how to build the best sales force. At the end of the century, there is an emerging global culture. The major driver of these changes is technology. Technological change has moved steadily back focusing on the individual. These changes shape the possibility and conduct of business. Marketing is especially tied to communication and transportation revolution. As the tools and reach of marketing increase, the job and responsibilities of marketers have evolved with them.

Advertising is a paid form of communication, although some forms of advertising, such as public service announcements, use donated space and time. Second, not only is the message paid for, but the sponsor is identified. Third, most advertising tries to persuade or influence the consumer to do something, although in some cases the point of the message is simply to make consumers aware of the product or company Fourth and fifth, the message is conveyed through many different kinds of mass media reaching a large audience of potential consumers. Finally, because advertising is a form of mass communication, it also non-personal.
Internet Marketing Project Report Download For MBA-BBA Students
Internet Marketing Project Report Download For MBA-BBA Students
Now to be able to use the seven P’s effectively in order to achieve the predefined goals of any organization it is imperative to understand the customers. Customization will only be truly effective if we understand our customers and their true needs.
Before adapting marketing practices to the Internet, the marketer needs to understand the characteristics of the online customers. The Net users can be classified into five categories depending upon their intention of using the Internet. 

The five categories of users are:
Directed Information Seekers: They require specific, timely and relevant information
about the products and services being offered.
Undirected Information Seekers: These users require something interesting and
useful. Something that can give them an edge, advantage, insight or even a pleasant surprise.
Bargain Hunters: They are of two kinds: One who look for free items on the internet and
other who are seeking better deals, higher discounts etc.
Entertainment Seekers: They see the Web as an entertainment medium of vast breath
and potential and want to explore the medium before the mass gets there.
Directed Buyers: They want to buy something - now. They are sure what they require
and just log on to the Web to purchase the item.


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