Java Project On College Management System Source Code and Report

College Management System Source Code and Report-Java Project 

College Management System

Main aim in developing College Management System is to provide an easy way not only to automate all functionalities of a college, but also to provide full functional reports to top management of college with the finest of details about any aspect of college. 
College Management  System  is  software  has the perspective  of  attaining  attraction  of those colleges which  don’t  have  one  good  performing  software  for  keeping  their  information  secure and make  their management easier. College Management System provides one attractive environment where you can manipulate data and information about students and staff easily. So we can say the Core purpose of designing “College Management System” is to manage the task related to the college students/employees and to reduce time to searching of appropriate candidates in college view. 

This system provides the detail structure of the college campus and its departments. College Management System synchronizes the working of all the departments. It looks on all aspects of a college, its students, faculties, Departments, marks and other co – curricular activities. 
College Management Projects
College Management Projects 
CMS is the easiest way to manage all functionalities of a college. It is a value-added service offered by NEURAL, which facilitates colleges to maintain the functionality related to college employees and their students.
College Management Software  is  a  simple  yet  powerful  one  joint  integrated  platform  that connects  all  the  various  departments  of  an  institution  like 
Administration,  Attendance, Staff details  and many more specialized  modules.
Overview of the Project 
The system COLLEGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can be used to manage the data of all type of educational institutes. It will support both stand alone and also networking environment. The system uses VB. Net Technology. The main modules involved in this system are:

1. Login
2. Forms
3. Reports
4. Window

Module wise description

Login module is used to check whether the user is an authorized person to use the system or not. For this the user should give the correct user name and password.
The different types of users are 
1. Admin
2. Student
3. Employee

This module consists of the following sub modules

1. Student Registration Form
2. Student Fee Form
3. Student Marks Form
4. Student ID Form
5. Employee Detail Form
6. Employee Salary Form
7. Employee ID Form
8. Course Detail Form

The Student Registration Form is designed for registering the new students details and course details.

The Student Fee Form is used to enter the student’s fee details.
  1. The Student Marks Form is designed for submitting the semester or exam marks of the students for a particular course or an individual student.
  2. The Student Id Form is used to create the identity number for each student for different course.
  3. The Employee details form is designed for entering the staff details and other relevant details.
  4. The Employee Id used to create the identity number for each student for different course.
  5. The salary form is used to derive the salary for employees
  6. The Course details form is designed for entering the different course available in the campus and other relevant details.

All the above mentioned data are stored in the back end and can be retrieved as reports with filtering options. The Following are the reports can be taken from this system
1. Student Report
2. Employee Report
3. Course Detail Report
4. Fee Detail Report
5. Marks Detail Report
6. Generate Pay Slip


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